Flexa is the new goal of task chairs: extremely comfortable, flexible to needs, colorful and fun. It adapts to modern and creative operating spaces, without sacrificing elegance in the black & white versions. 

The white or black Y-shaped support is made with high mechanical resistance technopolymer and the backrest available in 7 colors is high modulus co-polymer polypropylene. 

The main feature of this seat with a fresh and original design is ergonomic comfort: the "dorsokinetic" backrest follows the movements of the body, stimulating changes in posture and blood circulation. 

The use of high quality materials and research allow the backrest to have revolutionary flexibility and particular shockproof characteristics. Flexa also has a high environmental impact and high recyclability equal to 92% since Younit is particularly sensitive to the issue of environmental respect. 

The mechanism used is among the most complete and allows the inclination of 20° of the backrest and 8° of the seat. Furthermore, the intensity of the force on the backrest can be adjusted so as to be adapted to people of different weights; backrest locking in 5 positions with antishock; finally with seat translation and gas elevation. Of course, lumbar support is provided for the structure 

Backrest: in visible high modulus polypropylene with Y-shaped support col. BLACK in polyamide with fiberglass filler with integrated lumbar support 

Seat: in polypropylene padded with cold foamed sponge and covered in fireproof fabric and Oeko Tex cat.D 

Armrests: 2D in polyamide 

Mechanism: Synchroplus gas lift control, backrest tension adjustment, 20° backrest inclination 8th seat with 5 blocks and antishock and 6cm seat shifter 

Gas: height adjustable, black finish rotation 

Base: 5 spokes in polyamide with glass fiber filling Ø 640mm black finish with self-braking rubber castors Ø 50mm 

Warranty: 5 years

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469.00 €