We have an extensive catalogue of office furniture suitable for your company's offices and for your workers home; all our products are ergonomic, internationally certified and sustainable. Your company can customize their solutions selecting one or more within: office chairs, desk of all dimensions and with different features, IT devices (monitors, keyboards, mouses, headsets), risers, lamps, footrests, wrist support devices, couches, reception desks and a significant amount of various accessories. 


Our platforms are completely customizable as per your company needs: to better fit in your company branding, to have a consistent employee experience, usable on desktop and mobile, cloud-based, including single sign-on (SSO), and, most importantly, safe in terms of cyber security. 


We offer extra flexible leasing plans for your office furniture: our plans are flexible both in terms of time - from 12 to 60 months, with easy cancellation policies - and in terms of headcount - the quantities can arise according to the increase of your workforce numbers. You'll have a fixed price that will give you the peace of mind you need in forecasting expenses, and you'll always have the possibility, at the end of your plan, to redeem the assets, subscribe again with upgrades, or cancel. 


We offer a variety of different services that are complementary to our main offers, to better help you to provide a complete service to your employee, handling the entire process easy with one only partner. We handle the logistic of the shipping process and we offer you and your employees a Customer Support service easy to reach and fast in response. We can also simplify the payment process by supplying your company with virtual or physical debit cards for you to provide to your employees and manage. Contact us to create the perfect offer for your company!